Helium FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my unit earning less Helium tokens now than in the past?

The Helium token rewards are calculated by taking the monthly amount the network creates, which is currently 2,500,000 as of August 1st 2021 and dividing it amongst  the number of units that are online.  There are a number of granular factors that determine how much each unit gets, but if you look at averages you can get an idea.

Example: if there are 2,500,000 tokens available for the month and there are 100,000 devices, then on average each unit would earn 0.83 tokens per day. (2,500,000 / 100,000 / 30)

When Uplift Grid, LLC started there were about 20,000 units deployed globally and the monthly generation was 5,000,000.  Now there are over 100,000.  So mathematically you’ll only get 1/5th of what you did earlier.  Market theory suggests that theoretically the price should go up to offset the lower token earnings as there will be less new tokens available to sell.