Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What devices run on your network?

Products such as luggage tags, pet collars and temperature sensors currently operate on the network. By participating you’ll be helping people find their lost dogs, track their luggage and other location based things impacting the lives of our friends and neighbors. In the future many more devices will need location services and our network will be there to help.

Is this thing going to take up all my bandwidth?

No. The amount of data transmitted over your WiFi is very small. You should not notice any speed issues at any time.

How much power does the device use?

The devices are very economical and use less electricity than an average light bulb. The power supply provided is 5volts, 3amps which means it’s 15 watts maximum, but practically it takes about 5 watts of power.

What about security?

The devices we provide have been audited by security professionals and have undergone extensive testing. We keep the firmware up to date with automatic updates more often than most devices. As with any device you connect to your network, there is always a potential for security issues and bad people attempting to do bad things. We suggest connecting the devices to a guest network to ensure they’re isolated from other devices to reduce any potential risk.

What frequency does the device operate at?

The devices uses traditional WiFi frequencies to communicate with your internet and send data back to servers. The devices also connect to each other using frequencies in the 900Mhz range which have been used for decades in wireless phones.

When will I get paid?

Typically we pay monthly or quarterly depending on earnings. In some situations we can provide upfront payment for the first three months. That means, once you’re approved, you’ll get a device and a check. Terms and conditions are subject to change so please contact us for the latest offering.

Are the devices valuable?

The devices themselves are not valuable and encrypted so that they are useless to anyone attempting to use them other than the approved host. They can also be tracked.

Instead of a flat per month fee, can I get a percent of what Uplift Grid makes?

Yes. Please contact us directly to discuss a custom plan. There is a potential to make more money or less money under a custom revenue sharing plan. With a custom plan you can earn tokens which can be converted into cash. If you just want to earn cash every month, sign up for our standard plan.

How big is this thing?

It’s about the size of a can of Coca-Cola. The current models measure 2″ tall, 4″ long and 3″ wide. Metric measurements of the current model are 5cm tall, 8cm wide and 10cm long.

Do I have to pay taxes on the income I receive?

Uplift Grid, LLC will issue a 1099 if you receive more than $600 per year from us. If your location is forecast to receive more than $600 per year, you will need to fill out a form W-9 from the IRS so that we can accurately report earnings.

Does this mean someone would be using my internet?

No. For example, it is NOT letting people watch NetFlix through your internet. The devices, such as dog collars, that use the hotspots are connected through a different network called, LoRaWAN which operates separately from your WiFi network. The hotspot itself is connected to your internet and sends information about the LoRaWAN activity but NOT about your personal network. LoRaWAN is very, low data, so you won’t see an impact on your internet speeds. Low bandwidth for example would be like text messages versus a movie would be high bandwidth. Tiny files versus big files.

What about security?

Security is always important. The manufacturer of these hotspots worked hard to separate the communications that go over them (which is low bandwidth – think text message vs big files) from your local network. Here’s a quote “LoRaWAN devices are hardware-secured to protect the traffic from the wireless traffic . This means the security is built-in since devices using the network have AES private key encryption at the chip level.“, meaning that your network is separate. Of course, if you want even more levels of security, you could add the hotspot on a guest network.

Can I connect the device to my guest network?


Is this legal?

Yes. The device itself is FCC approved and uses radio waves and wifi to communicate and create a mesh network. Many people think of it like AirBnB for computers. We recommend consulting with your accountant if you have questions with regard to paying the proper taxes on income generated from Uplift Grid, LLC.