Converting Helium (HNT) Tokens to Cash

Alright, you’ve got some Helium HNT tokens in your wallet. Now you want some cash. Below is one way to accomplish this. If you’re based in the United States, the process is more complicated. If you’re not in the U.S. you can use one of many cryptocurrency exchanges that support Helium token trading.

Preparation: In order to get the cash into your back account you will need an account with Coinbase or Gemini. The links are affiliate links which will give you a little extra bonus for using them in addition to giving us a little extra bonus. Coinbase and Gemini are U.S. based cryptocurrency exchanges and they are very trustworthy in my opinion. When you signup, you will need to provide your driver’s license and other personal information. This is because these exchanges are required by the U.S. Government to comply with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies. So sure it’s a pain in the neck, but these companies keep your information private and are financially backed by the largest and most trusted venture capital firms in the world.

Next: Once you have your exchange account setup, you will need a USDC deposit address. USDC is a token which represents the U.S. Dollar. 1 USDC token is equal to $1.00. USDC tokens can be very easily transferred and are backed by real dollars.

Next: Visit SimpleSwap.io. You will see the “Send” control pre-set to Bitcoin (BTC). Change this to Helium (HNT). Then enter in how much Helium you want to convert. Then change the “You Get” section to USDC (USD Coin). Now enter in your USDC address from Coinbase or Gemini. Check you amounts! Try a small transfer first just to get the hang of things. Click Exchange.

Next: SimpleSwap will give you the address you need to send your Helium Tokens to in order to have the exchange completed. Open your Helium app. Tap the “Send/Receive” icon on the bottom of the screen. Tap Send. Scan the QR code on the SimpleSwap screen. Then complete the transfer.

Next: Wait a few minutes. After 10-20 minutes or so you will see the USDC in your exchange account. Now you can convert the USDC to USD. Once you have the USD you can then withdraw it to your bank account.

That’s it. The sites mentioned above are not affiliated with UpliftGrid. Use at your own risk. UpliftGrid is not responsible for any lost funds under any circumstances.

Important: It’s VERY EASY TO LOSE FUNDS if you enter in the wrong addresses or select the incorrect blockchain type. BE CAREFUL AND TRIPLE CHECK BEFORE YOU TRANSFER.